All students must transfer between district schools when their residence changes to a different attendance area, unless exempted by the superintendent or designee. Further, the district maintains the ability to transfer students between schools as needed.

  • Students with disabilities may be assigned to attend a school outside the student=s attendance area by the 504 team or pursuant to the student=s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Administrators participating in these decisions will notify the admissions office as soon as the decision is made to place a student outside his or her attendance area.

  • The superintendent or designee may direct the intradistrict transfer of students for the health, safety or welfare of the student, to maintain discipline and safety in the schools, to better meet the educational needs of the student or to address overcrowding in school.

Voluntary Transfers to Schools Outside Attendance Areas

Students enrolled in a school identified for school improvement or identified as persistently dangerous pursuant to federal and state law may transfer to another public school within the district that has not been so identified. A student who has been a victim of a violent criminal offense on school property as defined by state regulation may, upon request, transfer to another public school in the district. The transfer will be allowed in accordance with law.

Otherwise, students may request to transfer to a different district school subject to available space and eligibility as determined by the district. Once a student has begun attendance at a school he or she cannot transfer to another school until the next semester begins, unless the student’s residence changes to a new attendance area or unless otherwise allowed by law. The parents or guardians must submit their request to transfer to the district school prior to the beginning of the new semester. Transportation will not be provided to students transferring to schools outside the student’s attendance area, unless required by law.


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Adopted: 2-19-08




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