The Board of Education recognizes that curriculum development provides one of the most effective means of improving the quality of instructional programs and must be adjusted to meet the needs of the students as well as the expectations of the community. The superintendent will initiate a curriculum development program, which will require various administrative and instructional staff participation at building and district levels as well as involvement from parents/guardians, members of the community and students. The Board will review and approve each curriculum guide developed by the district.

The district will provide resources and administrative support for curriculum development, evaluation and revision. A systematic plan will be established whereby each curricular area will be reviewed regularly, based on actual student needs and indications of student mastery. The basic responsibility for this review process will rest with the superintendent, with assistance from the building principals. Individuals who are well qualified in a designated area of study will be appointed by the superintendent or his or her designee to a curriculum review committee for the designated curricular area.

The curriculum review committee will study, revise and/or develop curriculum programs and guides for its specific area of study. During the review process the committee may solicit community and student opinion relative to the content area. The committee should develop a curriculum project that meets the following guidelines:

  • Articulates the curriculum content on a districtwide basis, K-12.

  • Is written in specific terms and can be used by the respective professional staff members.

  • Uses effective methods for presenting the materials to the students.

  • Uses instructional materials that are effectively coordinated with the curriculum guides and programs.

  • Makes use of current supplementary and enrichment materials.

The selection and adoption of instructional materials are primarily based on the programs described in the curriculum guides developed by the individual curriculum review committees. The curriculum review process should be completed the year prior to the fiscal year where funds are allocated to purchase instructional materials related to the curriculum content area developed.


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Adopted: 1-14-08




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