To assure high quality professional staff performance, and to advance the instructional programs of the Raymondville R-VII School District, the Board will require a program of comprehensive, performance-based evaluations for each professional staff member it employs. The evaluation shall be ongoing and of sufficient specificity and frequency to provide for demonstrated standards of competency and academic ability.

The primary purpose of a performance-based evaluation is to facilitate and improve instruction that enhances student learning. An effective evaluation system should identify areas of teaching/administrative strength and weakness and provide direction for maintaining and improving teacher/administrator skills through professional staff development activities. The secondary purpose is to determine whether performance meets the degree of competency required for continued employment and/or tenure.

Probationary teachers are expected to perform at the expectation level on all criteria on the district’s performance-based evaluation instrument. Failure to maintain this level of performance is a ground for non-renewal.

The procedures and instruments for professional staff evaluation will be developed by the administration, in consultation with the district’s professional staff, and will be approved by the Board. One copy of the completed evaluation form shall be given to the staff member concerned, one copy filed in the employee’s personnel file at the office of the Board of Education and one copy retained by the appropriate administrator/evaluator.

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Adopted: 1-14-08


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Legal Refs: §§ 168.128, .410, RSMo.

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