Instructional Staff

An adequate salary schedule is necessary to secure new teachers who are personally competent and professionally well prepared, to encourage the professional growth of teachers while in service, and to retain the most competent teachers while in the school system. The Board of Education shall annually adopt a salary schedule having the following essential features:

 A salary for those beginning in the system, which will be at or above the minimum salary established by state statute.

 Annual increments shall be added for each school year of successful experience up to the limits provided by the schedule.

The superintendent of schools shall prepare salary schedules for approval of the Board of Education and implement the salary schedules adopted by the Board of Education. The superintendent may consult with staff members in preparing the salary schedules.

Administrative Staff

The Board will annually determine the salaries for the administrative staff.

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Adopted: 1-14-08


Cross Refs: GCL, Professional Staff Development Opportunities

Legal Refs: §§ 163.172, 168.110 (2), RSMo.

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