The Raymondville R-VII School District Board of Education recognizes that the loss of a member of the school community is deeply felt, and that on occasion it may be desirable to remember a deceased individual by establishing a memorial.  District facilities are designed to support learning, and the Board will not permit changes to facilities that interfere with that purpose or detract from the district=s educational mission.  The following guidelines apply to requests for memorials in school facilities or on district grounds.


Approval of Memorials


All memorials must be approved by the superintendent and building-level administration before being placed within a school building or on school grounds.  To avoid unnecessary expense and possible disappointment, the district recommends that individuals refrain from purchasing any type of memorial until it is approved by the administration.


The administration will determine the location of all memorials on school grounds or in school facilities.  While requests will be considered when possible, the administration must consider such issues as design parameters, whether the memorial blends with the school campus, ongoing and future maintenance, and the effect a memorial may have on students and staff.


Memorial Options


Planting (trees, shrubs, perennials, etc.) on school grounds B The administration must approve the type and placement of any planting before it is placed.  Such planting may be accompanied by a movable flat ground marker.  The engraving on the marker must be limited to the memorialized individual’s name, dates of birth and death, and the words, “donated in memory of” or “in memory of.”  The marker will be moved when necessary and may be permanently removed after ten (10) years and offered to the nearest relative.


Benches, tables and other outdoor furnishings; sidewalks, stepping stones, statuary, etc. B The Board will accept memorials of this type only to the extent that there is a suitable location and the style is complementary to the buildings and grounds.  Each item may contain a plaque engraved with the memorialized individual’s name, dates of birth and death, and the words, “donated in memory of” or “in memory of.”


Other types of memorials are addressed in the district=s policy on acceptance of gifts.  All items received as memorials become the property of the Raymondville R-VII School District, and the district cannot guarantee that memorials that become damaged or worn will be replaced at district expense.


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Note:   The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:          07-14-08




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Legal Refs:       ‘ 162.790, RSMo.


Raymondville R-VII School District, Raymondville, Missouri