The food services program provided by the school district is designed to provide wholesome and appetizing school meals to district students.  School meals contribute to good nutrition, which is vital to mental and physical growth during the formative years.  As such, the food services program operates as an integral part of the total school program.


Program leadership, direction and supervision at all levels are the responsibilities of a trained staff.  The superintendent, in cooperation with the director of food services, is charged with administering the total program, implementing Board policy as it pertains to school food services and making recommendations pertaining to the program and food services personnel to the Board.  Food services personnel in the schools will be directly responsible to the director of food services in the district and the building principal.


The principal of each school shall administer the program in the particular school and shall maintain discipline in the cafeteria or lunchroom.  In addition, the principal will require correlation between the district’s health instruction and the food services program.


The school food services program will be operated on a non-profit basis and will comply with all rules and procedures pertaining to health, sanitation, internal accounting procedures and service of foods.  The district will meet all state and federal requirements necessary for participation in state and federal meal programs.  All school food services receipts must flow through the district chart of accounts and be used only to pay allowable food services costs, in accordance with law.


Meal prices shall be established annually by the Board of Education.


When food services facilities are used by outside agencies, an adequate fee approved by the Board will be charged.  If facilities are used for other than the regular program, the manager will ensure that no supplies provided for the regular program or USDA commodities are used.


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Adopted:  12-10-07




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