The Board will give final approval to all bills paid.  Payment of bills shall be authorized by the superintendent or designee, only after verification of delivery and satisfaction by the department or staff receiving the item(s).  No payment for goods or services shall be made unless both an itemized invoice showing the name of the person or firm to whom payment is due is presented, and a receiving document bearing the signature of an authorized school employee is on file.  Furthermore, the invoice must have been issued in response to an approved purchase order.  The superintendent or designee shall audit all claims, and shall submit the same to the Board of Education for approval and authorization for payment.


The superintendent or designee will prepare and present to the Board each month a list of bills for approval of a warrant authorizing payment from district funds.  Such lists will be supported by invoices, approved purchase orders, properly submitted vouchers, or in accordance with salaries and salary schedules approved by the Board.


School district moneys shall be disbursed only upon checks drawn by the treasurer and president of the Board following final Board approval of the monthly list of bills.  Each check shall show the legal identification of the district by name and address, and the depository or investment account upon which the check is drawn.  It shall also specify the amount to be paid and to whom payment is made, from what funds, for what purpose, the date of payment and the number of the check.


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Adopted:  12-10-07




Cross Refs:       FEF, Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards


Legal Refs:       §§ 105.273 – .276, 165.021, .091, RSMo.


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