Board Of Education Policies

Raymondville R-VII School District


[toggle title=”Section A: Foundations & Basic Commitments” style=”fancy”]

AA: School District Legal Status

AC: Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment

AD: School District Mission – Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

ADF: District Wellness Program

AF: Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment

AH: Tobacco-Free District


[toggle title=”Section B: School Board Governance & Operations” style=”fancy”]

BBA: School Board Powers and Duties

BBB: School Board Elections

BBBA: Board Member Qualifications

BBBB: School Board Ballot Issues

BBC: Board Member Resignation

BBD: Board Member Removal from Office

BBE: Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies

BBF: School Board Member Ethics

BBFA: Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure

BCA: Board Organizational Meeting

BCB: Board Officers

BCC: Appointed Board Officials

BCCA: MSBA Delegate and Alternate

BCE: Board Committees/Advisory Committees to the Board

BCG: School Attorney/Legal Services

BDA: Board Meetings

BDC: Closed Meetings, Records and Votes

BDDA: Notification of Board Meetings

BDDB: Agendas

BDDF: Voting Method

BDDG: Minutes

BDDG-R: Board Meeting Minutes

BDDH: Public Participation at Board Meetings

BDDL: Release of Information

BF: School Board Policy Process

BHA: New Board Member Orientation

BHD: Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BHE: Board Member Liability/Insurance

BI: School Board Legislative Program

BJ: School Board Memberships


[toggle title=”Section C: General School Administration” style=”fancy”]

CB: School Superintendent

CBB: Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent

CBC: Superintendent’s Contract/Compensation and Benefits

CBG: Evaluation of the Superintendent

CF: School Building Administration

CGC: State and Federal Programs Administration

CH: Policy Implementation and Dissemination

CHCA: Handbooks


[toggle title=”Section D: Fiscal Management” style=”fancy”]

DA: Fiscal Responsibility

DB: Annual Budget

DBB: Fiscal Year

DC: Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations

DCB: Political Campaigns

DD: Grants

DEA: Revenues from Tax Sources

DED: Disposition of Unbudgeted Revenue

DFA: Revenues from Investments/Use of Surplus Funds

DG: Depository of Funds

DGA: Authorized Signatures

DH: Bonded Employees and Officers

DI: Fiscal Accounting and Reporting/Accounting System

DIE: Audits

DJB: Petty Cash Accounts

DJC: Bidding Requirements

DJF: Purchasing

DK: Payment Procedures

DLB: Salary Deductions

DLC: Expense Reimbursements

DN: Surplus School Property


[toggle title=”Section E: Support Services” style=”fancy”]

EB: Safety Program

EBAB: Hazardous Materials

EBAC: Integrated Pest Management

EBB: Communicable Diseases

EBBA: Illness and Injury Response and Prevention

EBC: Emergency Plans/Safety Drills

EBCA: Crisis Intervention Plan

ECA: Building and Grounds Security

ECB: Building and Grounds Maintenance

ECD: Traffic and Parking Controls

EEA: Student Transportation Services

EEAB: School Bus Scheduling and Routing

EF: Food Services Management

EFB: Free and Reduced-Cost Food Services

EGAAA: Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

EHB: Technology Usage

EI: Insurance Management

EIA: Property and Liability Insurance


[toggle title=”Section F: Facilities Development” style=”fancy”]

FB: Facilities Planning

FC: School Closings, Consolidations and Reorganizations

FEB: Selection of Architectural/Engineering and/or Land Surveying Services

FEC: Selection of Construction Management Services

FEF: Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards

FF: Facility Names

FFA: Memorials on Facilities and Grounds


[toggle title=”Section G: Personnel” style=”fancy”]

GBB: Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBCA: Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB: Staff Conduct

GBCC: Staff Use of Communication Devices

GBE: Staff Health and Safety

GBEA: Workers’ Compensation

GBEBA: Drug-Free Workplace

GBEBB: Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

GBEBC: Criminal Background Checks

GBH: Staff/Student Relations

GBL: Personnel Records

GBM: Staff Complaints and Grievances

GCA: Professional Staff Positions

GCBA: Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBA-R: Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBC: Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

GCBDA: Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences

GCBDB: Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves and Absences

GCD: Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GCE: Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment

GCG: Professional Staff Probation and Tenure

GCI: Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCKA: Professional Staff Extra Duty

GCL: Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCLB: Professional Staff Career Ladder Program

GCN: Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCPA: Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPB: Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCPC: Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCPD: Suspension of Professional Staff Members

GCPE: Termination of Professional Staff Members

GCPF: Nonrenewal of Professional Staff Members

GDBB: Nonexempt Employee Supplementary Pay Plans

GDBC: Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDBDA: Support Staff Leaves and Absences

GDC: Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GDI: Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

GDL: Support Staff Development Opportunities

GDPB: Resignation of Support Staff Members

GDPC: Retirement of Support Staff Members

GDPD: Nonrenewal, Suspension and Termination of Support Staff Members


[toggle title=”Section I: Instruction” style=”fancy”]

IA: Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives

IC: Academic Calendar/Year/Day

IF: Curriculum Development

IGA: Basic Instructional Programs

IGAC: Teaching About Religion

IGAD: Occupational Education

IGAEA: Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IGAEB: Teaching about Human Sexuality

IGBA: Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBB: Programs for Gifted Students

IGBC: Parent/Family Involvement in Instructional and Other Programs

IGBCA: Programs for Homeless Students

IGBCB: Programs for Migrant Students

IGBD: At-Risk Students

IGBG: Homebound Instruction

IGBH: Programs for English Language Learners

IGBI: Home Schooling

IGC: Extended Instructional Programs

IGCE: District-Sponsored Correspondence Courses

IGD: District-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities and Organizations

IGDB: Student Publications


[toggle title=”Section J: Students” style=”fancy”]

JCB: Intradistrict Transfers

JEA: Compulsory and Part-Time Attendance

JEC: School Admissions

JECA: Admission of Resident Students

JECB: Admission of Nonresident Students

JECC: Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes

JED: Student Absences and Excuses

JEDB: Student Dismissal Precautions

JFCA: Student Dress Code

JFCC: Student Conduct on School Transportation

JFCE: Secret Organizations

JFCF: Hazing and Bullying

JFCH: Student Alcohol/Drug Abuse

JFCJ: Weapons in School

JFG: Interrogations, Interviews and Searches

JFH: Student Complaints and Grievances

JG: Student Discipline

JG-R: Student Discipline

JGA: Corporal Punishment

JGB: Detention and/or In-School Suspension of Students

JGD: Student Suspension and Expulsion


[toggle title=”Section K: School-Community Relations” style=”fancy”]

KB: Public Information Program

KBA: Public’s Right to Know

KC: Community Involvement in Decision Making

KDA: Custodial and Noncustodial Parents

KG: Community Use of School Facilities

KH: Public Gifts to the Schools

KI: Public Solicitations/Advertising in District Facilities

KK: Visitors to District Property/Events

KL: Public Complaints

KLB: Public Questions, Comments or Concerns Regarding District Instructional/Media/Library Materials

KNAJ: Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities


[toggle title=”Section L: Education Agency Relations” style=”fancy”]