Storage and Access Before Test Administration

1. All Missouri assessment documents and standardized test booklets are to be stored, immediately upon receipt, in a secured area.

2. When the test documents first arrive at the district the test coordinator will carefully check all materials and sort them in preparation for administration, making a written record of the number of booklets that will be sent to each administration site.

3. The test coordinator or individual responsible for the program will assume responsibility for contacting the appropriate testing coordination site if the order is inaccurate and for providing secured storage of any materials received as a result of this contact.

4. Beyond the initial checking and sorting, test booklets will remain untouched until they are distributed for administration.

5. Only the test coordinator and other designated individuals will have access to test materials.

6. No teacher shall have access to test booklets or be told what is in them before the test is distributed, except special education teachers in accordance with a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

7. Teachers will have access to the appropriate documents, including the Test Administration Manual.

Instructions for Administration

1. Prior to the first day of any standardized and/or statewide testing, all staff involved in test administration will be required to participate in an in-service led by the testing coordinator and designed to train test administrators in administration procedures.

2. The in-service will stress the maintenance of test security during test administration. Security issues addressed will include handling materials in a secure manner, providing directions to students, responding to students’ questions and monitoring the test setting.

3. Prior to any standardized and/or statewide testing, staff will receive a handout outlining step-by-step procedures to follow in order to administer tests in a secure manner.

Test Administration

1. All standardized and/or statewide tests will be administered in an appropriate manner in compliance with testing guidelines.

2. Test booklets will be delivered to each building before the day of the test and distributed by building staff immediately prior to testing. Students will not receive test booklets until time for testing to begin.

3. Students will be encouraged to use restroom facilities, get drinks, etc., before starting to take the test. If students must leave the room during testing, they will be instructed to place their answer sheets in their test booklets and close these booklets before leaving their seats.

4. All individuals administering tests will strictly follow the procedures outlined in the test administration manual. Test administrators will not leave the testing room the entire time the test is being given.

5. While the test is being given, building administrators and other designated individuals will move between classrooms to help monitor administration and to provide assistance as needed.

6. If a test is to be administered over a series of days, test booklets and answer sheets will be collected each day immediately following testing, counted by the test administrator and stored in a locked facility.

Collection and Storage of Test Materials Following Testing

1. Test booklets will be collected from test administrators immediately following testing, organized according to instructions, and stored in a secure area.

2. Test booklets will be re-counted by the test coordinator and these counts will be documented and checked against preadministration counts.

3. Test booklets will be sorted and packaged, according to directions, by the test coordinator or person who has been designated as responsible and sent for scoring as expediently as possible while allowing for makeups.

4. All test makeups will be scheduled by the test coordinator. Students in each building will be grouped together for testing. A designated individual will administer the test according to specified administration procedures, taking all aforestated precautions to ensure security. Test materials will be counted.

Sanctions Against Unfair Practices

The security measures outlined in this document should help prevent unfair practices. Unfair practices include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Copying any part of a standardized test booklet for any reason.

2. Removal of a test booklet from the secure storage area except during test administration.

3. Failure to return all test booklets following test administration.

4. Directly teaching any test item included on a standardized test.

5. Altering a student’s responses to items on an answer sheet.

6. Indicating to students during testing that they have missed items and need to change them; giving students clues or answers to questions; allowing students to give each other answers to questions or to copy off each other’s work; or altering test administration procedures in any other way to give students an unfair advantage.

7. Undue pressure or encouragement on the part of administrators for teachers to engage in any of the aforementioned inappropriate or unfair practices.

If a district staff person is suspected of engaging in any unfair practice, an immediate investigation will occur. If allegations are proven, a report will be forwarded to the superintendent, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


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Note: The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted: 1-14-08




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