The Board believes that field and activity trips often enhance the program of instruction and add much to the education of a student. Trips may be authorized by the superintendent or delegated representative when the activities contribute substantially to the achievement of desirable educational goals. All field trips should be planned with an educational purpose and in relation to a unit of study. To be educationally beneficial, a field trip requires thoughtful selection, careful advance preparation of the class and opportunities for students to assimilate the experience during and at the conclusion of the trip. To this end, teachers and principals will be expected to consider the following factors in the selection of field trips:

 Value of the activity to the particular class group or class groups.

 Relationship of the field trip activity to a particular aspect of classroom instruction.

 Suitability of the activity and distance traveled in terms of the age level of students.

 Mode and availability of transportation.

 Cost of field trip or excursion.

Due to the increased cost of transportation, all field trips should be carefully scrutinized by the administration.

All parents of students who are eligible to participate in the field trip shall be notified of the activity.


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Adopted: 1-14-08




Raymondville R-VII School District, Raymondville, Missouri



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