District-Sponsored FundraisingB Any activity that has the purpose of raising funds in support of a student activity or program and that is administered and conducted by school staff or students involved in the activity or program.

District-Sponsored Fundraisers

The Board prefers that the school district financially support district-sponsored student programs and activities. However, in some cases it may be necessary to raise funds to help support these district endeavors, and the district may involve students in these fundraising activities.

The superintendent and principals will be directly responsible for all district-sponsored fundraising activities conducted in the district or sponsored in any manner by the district. All district-sponsored fundraising activities must first be approved by the building principal and/or the superintendent or designee and must comply with the requirements set out in district policies and procedures, including the district’s wellness program and district funds management rules. All funds collected in a district-sponsored fundraiser will be deposited in district accounts.

Student-Initiated Group Fundraisers

Student-initiated groups are not district sponsored, but these groups have the same access to district facilities, communications channels and fundraising opportunities as other district-sponsored noncurricular groups. These groups may conduct fundraising activities, but must follow the same rules applicable to other district-sponsored noncurricular groups.

Fundraising by Other Groups

For liability and funds management purposes, it is essential that district staff not confuse district-sponsored fundraising with fundraising conducted by booster clubs or other groups not directly controlled by the district. Although the district welcomes community involvement in and support of district programs, the district cannot take responsibility for fundraising or the funds collected by such groups. To avoid confusing parents, students and community members participating in the fundraising efforts, only district-sponsored fundraising subject to district rules may occur during the school day or class time.

A group may only use the name, logo or mascot of the district or of a district school in reference to a fundraiser if the fundraiser has been approved by the superintendent or designee or the School Board and the funds raised go to the district as represented in the advertising.

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Adopted: 1-14-08


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Raymondville R-VII School District, Raymondville, Missouri