Application for Grants


The district directs the superintendent or designee to pursue all grants and other alternative sources of funds, goods and services that are consistent with the district’s goals and educational strategies and that will enhance the educational offerings of the district.


All grants must:


<                    Be based on a specific set of internal objectives that relate to the established goals and objectives of the district.


<                    Provide measures for evaluating whether project objectives are being or have been achieved.


<                    Conform to state and federal laws and to the policies of the Board in the execution of the project.


All grant proposals shall be approved by the Board before being submitted to the funding agency regardless of the amount of funding involved.  Before a grant application is presented to the Board, the superintendent or designee will determine whether the district has the appropriate staff to support the grant project and to maintain accurate records required by the granting entity, as well as adequate resources if matching funds are required.


All grants that involve district property, students or personnel in their capacity as employees are considered district grants and are subject to the requirements of this policy.  No individual will use grant proceeds in the district without district permission.


Administration of Grants


Every grant involving the district must have a designated contact for the grant who is an employee of the district to oversee grant activity and ensure the appropriate records, evaluations and procedures are used.


All grant funds received must be deposited in district accounts.  District policies regarding purchasing, expenditure of funds and employment will be followed when expending grant funds.  Staff positions created through grant funding will be filled pursuant to Board policy.


Accurate records will be kept of all grant expenditures.  An annual report will be provided to the superintendent or designee on the status of the grant program, participation in the program and the success of the program.


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Note:   The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:  12-10-07




Cross Refs:       GCD, Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

GDC, Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring


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