The Board of Education shall elect a president and vice president at its organizational meeting.  Vacancies in Board officer positions shall be filled by holding another Board election to fill the vacant positions.


Duties of the Board President


The president of the Board, in addition to duties prescribed by law, will exercise such powers as properly pertain to the office according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.  He or she shall have the right, as shall other members of the Board, to offer resolutions, to discuss questions and to vote thereon.  The president will fulfill the responsibilities of the office as follows:


1.         Preside, when present, at all meetings of the Board and be responsible for the orderly conduct of such Board meetings.


2.         Sign all legal documents as required by law, which includes all checks or warrants of items ordered for payment by the Board, contracts approved by the Board, bonds and deeds of conveyance issued by and/or for the district, and the district’s annual financial statement.  The Board provides authorization for signatures to be affixed in facsimile.


3.         Bring before the Board matters which, in his or her judgment, may require the attention of the Board.


4.         Appear on behalf of the Board in all actions brought by or against it, unless individually a party, in which case this duty will be assigned by the Board.


5.         Consult with the superintendent in planning agendas.


6.         Confer with the superintendent on crucial matters that may occur between Board meetings.


7.         Call special meetings of the Board as found necessary.


8.         Appoint special committees subject to the approval of the Board.


9.         Act as public spokesperson for the Board unless this responsibility is delegated to others.


10.       Perform any other duty formally allocated by the Board of Education, the Missouri State Board of Education and/or the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or by legislative enactment.



Duties of the Board Vice President


It shall be the duty of the vice president of the Board to perform all the duties assigned to the president in the event of the latter’s disability or absence.  The vice president shall also assume other duties, which the Board of Education may assign.


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Note:   The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:  12-10-07




Legal Refs:       §§ 162.051, .301, 164.191, 165.021, .111, .131, 168.101, .126, 177.091,



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