Members of the Board of Education shall be citizens of the United States and resident taxpayers of the Raymondville R-VII School District.  They shall also have resided in the state for one (1) year preceding their election or appointment.  Members shall be at least 24 years of age.


All Board members should have a knowledge of and an interest in the welfare and educational opportunities of students.


Board members initially elected or appointed after August 28, 1993, in addition to the other qualifications listed in this policy, are required by law to successfully complete orientation and training requirements within one (1) year of the date of the election or appointment.  The orientation and training shall consist of at least 16 hours with the cost of such training to be paid by the district.  All programs providing the orientation and training required under the provisions of this section shall be offered by a statewide association organized for the benefit of members of Boards of Education or be approved by the State Board of Education.


A Board member is a “public servant” under the Missouri Criminal Code provisions regarding bribery, acceding to corruption, official misconduct and misuse of official information.


A “taxpayer” is an individual who has paid taxes to the state or any subdivision thereof within the immediately preceding 12-month period, or the spouse of such individual.


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Adopted:  12-10-07




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